GitHub repositories that will help you become a better JavaScript developer

Created: Nov 6th 2022 - Updated : Nov 6th 2022

So you have read a couple of tutorials, followed some youtube videos and learned the basics of JavaScript, but what's next ?

I will share with you some of the repositories that will help you sharpen your skills in JavaScript and try to order them by level of JS knowledge needed from 0 to 100%.

"Hello world"

  • Learn Javascript by GitBook - A free book that can teach you the basics of programming and JavaScript. This is a great intro to JavaScript and programming in general.

Beginners that know some stuff

  • JavaScript30 Challenge by Wes Bos is an Awesome 30-day challenge for JavaScript beginners that will help you apply everything you learned in daily projects. A good way to also create a basic portfolio as a junior JS developer.

Ok, so that's how it works !

Let's check what's going on under the hood

  • Computer Science in JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas. A collection of classic computer science paradigms, algorithms and approaches written in JavaScript

Bring the heavy artillery

Little bonus

  • 30 Seconds of Code by Hundreds of JavaScript snippets, that will help you speed up your development process while keeping your code clean and efficient.

The above repos should provide you with everything you need to sharpen your skills and become a better JavaScript developer.

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