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How (and when) to use useMemo() and useCallback()

Many React developers struggle to understand the difference between useMemo() and useCallback() and when to use each of these hooks. In this blog post I'll try to explain this and make it a bit clearer for you.

24 January 2023

When to use Promise.allSettled() and how is it different from Promise.all()?

02 January 2023

Would you want to launch multiple Promises and wait until ALL of them have finished, but not lose resolved ones if some fail ?

New array methods coming in JavaScript

29 November 2022

JavaScript stores objects and arrays in heap storage. That means the memory assigned for a specific array / object is dynamic and once the array has been created , any updates in the future will update the original one. And we don't always want this.

User Defined Type Guards in TypeScript

13 November 2022

A Type Guard is a technique used to test if a value is of a specific type.

GitHub repositories that will help you become a better JavaScript developer

06 November 2022

A list of GitHub repositories that will help you become a better developer, using JavaScript

Exhaustive checking in TypeScript using 'never' type

30 October 2022

Type 'never' helps you with exhaustive checking in TypeScript...

How I learned Javascript for free

23 October 2022

Many friends are asking me how I started my coding career 7 years ago...